J. Edward Allen

This excellent primer on winning at sports betting is packed with crucial information to make you a knowledgeable winner. You'll learn how to bet and win at the major sports: football, baseball, basketball and boxing. This fact-filled book includes: how to read the lines, how the lines are made, the odds faced at the different sports, how the over/under, teasers and parlays work, how to beat the bookies, and much more on winning at sports betting. In just one easy reading, You'll be primed and ready to take on the bookies. 64 pages

Table of Contents:

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • The Betting Lines
    • How the Line is Made
    • The First Principle of Beating the Bookie
    • Sports Betting Comparison Chart
  • Football Betting
    • Introduction
    • The Football Line
    • The Bookmakers Vigorish
    • Line Changes
    • Teasers
    • Parlay Bets
    • The Over & Under
    • Touts
  • Baseball
    • The Baseball Line
    • 20¢ or 1 Point Line
    • The Payoff Chart
    • Break-Even Point Against the Line
    • Betting Strategies
  • Basketball
    • Introduction
    • The Betting Odds
    • Teaser Bets
    • Recordkeeping
  • Boxing
    • Introduction
    • The Boxing Line
    • 40¢ or 2 Point Line
    • Betting Strategy
  • Commandments of Winning
  • Money Management
    • Introduction
    • The Risks of Overbetting
    • Minimizing Loses
    • Increasing Bets When Winning
  • Tables and Charts
    • Sports Betting Comparison Chart
    • Typical Parlay Card
    • 20¢ or 1 Point Line Chart
    • The Payoff Chart
    • Break-Even Percentages Chart
    • 40¢ or 2 Point Line Chart

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