Avery Cardoza

More than a hundred million bingo players regularly try their luck at this classic American pastime. You'll learn the essentials of bingo: the history, the basics of play, the lingo of the game, over fifteen winning patterns, progressive games, the odds of winning, the advantages and disadvantages of playing multiple cards and much, much more. 64 pages

Table of Contents:

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • History
  • The Apparatus of Play
    • The Bingo Cards
    • The Bingo Balls
    • The Bingo Cage and Blower
    • Masterboard and Rack
  • Bingo Employees
    • The Caller
    • Runners and Spotters
    • Cashier and Sellers
    • Other Employees
  • How Bingo is Played 23
    • The Object of the Game
    • Standard Bingo Winners
    • The Four Basic Winning Bingos
    • Horizontal Bingo
    • Vertical Bingo
    • Diagonal Bingo
    • Coverall or Blackout Bingo
    • The Play of the Game
    • Multiple Winners
    • Sample Bingo Session
  • Bingo Fundraising
    • The Odds
    • Summary of Odds and House Edge
  • Progressive Bingo
    • Traditional Winning Strategies
    • Card Counting at Baccarat
    • Summary of Winning Strategies
  • Bingo Odds
  • More Winning Bingos
    • Four Corner Bingo
    • Double Bingo
    • Layer Cake
    • The Picture Frame
    • 7 Come 11
    • Big Diamond
    • The Double Postage Stamp
    • T Bingo
    • X Bingo
    • Y Bingo
    • Lucky 7
    • Lucky 13
    • Little Hi
    • Big Hi
    • North Arrow
    • West Arrow
  • Playing Multiple Cards
  • Winning Strategies
    • Strategy One – Find the Best Games
    • Strategy Two – Enjoy Yourself
    • Strategy Three – Money Management
    • Strategy Four – Playing Multiple Cards
    • Strategy Five – Choosing Non-Duplicate Cards
    • Other Thoughts
  • Glossary

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