Professor Jones

ADVANCED STRATEGYThe Ultimate Strategy For Non-Computer Users Finally, after years of research into winning tickets, Prof Jones has developed the ultimate in winning jackpot strategies for beating the lotto and lottery! MINUTES A DAY TO WINNING JACKPOTS! – These scientific winning systems can be used successfully by anyone! Spend only several minutes a day inputting numbers into the master templates; this amazing system quickly and scientifically generates the numbers that have the best chances of making you rich. THE MASTER LOTTO/LOTTERY STRATEGIES & MORE! All the goodies of the Master Lotto/Lottery strategies – the winning systems, instruction guides, clear working template and bonus templates – are included in this powerful winning strategy, plus such extras as the 3-Ball, 4-Ball and 6-Ball Sum Total charts. You also get… 100 WHEELING SYSTEMS – That's right, 100 advanced Dimitrov Wheels – all the systems of the Master Lotto/Lottery and 50 more! Order only this strategy!You'll be using the most powerful winning systems yet designed. BONUS/EXTRA BONUS – Included free with this super strategy: 15 Positional Analysis templates, 10 each 3-Ball, 4-Ball and 6-Ball Sum Total Templates, 15 Best Number templates! Also get, the extra bonus, 7 Insider Winning Tips – a guide to extra winning strategies!


  1. Clear Template to be used with the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems
  2. Instructional material
  3. Bonus Guide: 7 Insider Winning Tips
  4. 1 – Three, Four, and Six-Ball Sum Total Chart
  5. 10 – Three-Ball Sum Total Templates
  6. 10 – Four-Ball Sum Total Templates
  7. 10 – Six-Ball Sum Total Templates
  8. 15 – Positional Analysis Templates
  9. 15 – Best Number Analysis Templates
  10. 100 – Dimitrov Wheeling Systems