Eric Schiller

This great book for beginning players covers the most basic of all mates the one move mate! Schiller presents different game positions where you must find the move that instantly wins the game. You'll learn how to make the final move with all the pieces knights, bishops, rooks, pawns, queens and even the king. This great training tool is perfect for players new to the game of chess! If you're looking for a fun and easy workbook to challenge yourself and use as a learning tool; the 200 instructive and challenging mates are a perfect compliment to the chessboard! 144 pages

Table of Contents

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  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Basic Checkmating Patterns
    • Fool’s Mate
    • Back Rank Mate
    • Anastasia’s Mate
    • Anderssen’s Mate
    • Arabian Mate
    • Blackburne’s Mate
    • Boden’s Mate
    • Damiano’s Mate
    • Corner Mate
    • Cozio’s Mate
    • Damiano’s Bishop Mate
    • David and Goliath Mate
    • Double Bishop Mate
    • Dovetail Mate
    • Epaulette Mate
    • Greco’s Mate
    • Hook Mate
    • “H” File Mate
    • Legall’s Mate
    • Lolli’s Mate
    • Max Lange’s Mate
    • Minor Piece Mate
    • Morphy’s Mate
    • Reti’s Mate
    • Morphy’s Opera House Mate
    • Pillsbury’s Mate
    • Queen And Pawn Mate
    • Smothered Mate
    • Suffocation Mate
    • Swallowtail Mate
    • Roller or Staircase Mate
    • Scholar’s Mate
    • Queen’s Corner Mate
  • Simple Checkmates
    • Mates 34-109
  • More Challenging Checkmates
    • Mates 110-169
  • Still More Challenging Checkmates
    • Mates 170-200
  • Puzzle Solutions
    • Solutions 1-200
  • Chess Notation

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