James Hillis Biography

James Hillis

James Hillis is a longtime horseracing handicapper who has compiled the lifetime of his winning secrets into The Art and Science of Picking Winning Horses.

The Art & Science of Picking Winning Horses

Price: $12.95

This concise winning strategy shows readers how to progress from pure betting and depending upon chance, to taking calculated risks, which entails knowledge and judgment. Readers learn how to analyze the real factors that influence a race and eliminate horses that have little chance of winning-narrowing the short list of winners and immediately increasing a bettor’s chances of cashing tickets. Hillis shows which races are difficult to predict (and should be avoided) and likewise, the races that can best be handicapped and where the profit can be found. Packed with sage advice, this book reveals more than 50 key factors for beating the horses and the key secrets the author has track-tested for decades..