T.J. Cloutier

If youre hungry to win a championship, this is the book that will pave the way to success! T.J. Cloutier, the greatest tournament poker player ever he has won 59 major tournament titles and appeared at 39 final tables at the WSOP, both more than any other player in the history of poker shows how to get to the final table where the big money is made and then how to win it all. You’ll learn how to build up enough chips to make it through the early and middle rounds and then how to employ T.J.s own strategies to outmaneuver opponents at the final table and win championships. T.J. shows you how to adjust your play depending upon stack sizes, antes and blinds, table position, opponents styles, and chip counts. You’ll also learn the specific strategies needed for full tables and for six-handed, three handed, and heads-up play. 288 pages