Don Hutchison

This is the definitive book for readers that love pulp fiction and the famous comic book and movie heroes who have thrilled so many fans. Award-winning author Don Hutchison, one of the worlds best authorities on pulp fiction, presents the fascinating, informative, and entertaining history of the original super guys fans worship and admire godfathers and inspiration to the likes of Superman, Batman, and James Bond. Hutchisons lively and affectionate account brings to glorious life the outsized heroes who occupied the imagination of millions upon millions of loyal readers and movie-goers: The Shadow, Tarzan, Doc Savage, Captain Future, The Spider, Zorro, and hundreds more! You’ll read about the gaudy, gory, and glorious magazines that spawned these fabulous characters, the amazing wordsmiths who churned out their monthly adventures, and find out the real inspirations and predecessors to many of the super heroes we see in todays blockbuster movies.