Eric Schiller Biography

Eric Schiller

Eric Schiller, widely considered one of the world’s foremost chess analysts, writers, and teachers, is internationally recognized for his definitive works on openings. He is the author of 100 chess books including Cardoza Publishing’s series on openings, Gambit Chess Openings, World Champion Openings, Standard Chess Openings, and Unorthodox Chess Openings — an exhaustive opening library of more than 2500 pages.
Schiller is a National and Life Master, and International organizer (F.I.D.E.), and the official trainer for many of America’s top young players. He has recently been reappointed as official coach of America’s best players under 18 to represent the United States at the Chess World Championships. He has also presided over world championship matches dating back to 1983.
Schiller’s web site is He is the senior editor of the free online chess magazine,

World Champion Openings

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