Kem Parton

When Casey Jones, a fanatic railroader with an obsession for his namesake, declares war on Transcon Railway, only one man stands between him and the destruction of the nations largest rail line. That man is Cal Farranger, the last dyed-in-the-wool railroader left among Transcons hierarchy of Ivey Leaguers. Cal counters his nemesiss every move: from stopping a runaway train of poison gas armed only with a shotgun to saving a trainload of passengers from an elaborately orchestrated avalanche. While battling Transcon bureaucrats, who secretly want Jones to remain at-large, Cal finds hmself smack in the middle of Caseys most deadly assault: a train full of explosives heading for downtown Chicago. Brilliantly researched and thoroughly believable, End of the Line is an impressive debut novel that will astound readers of thrillers and action/adventure stories and appeal to the vast subculture of train fanatics across the country. 288 pagesThere are no customer reviews for this product. However, you can be the first person to add a review for this product.