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Dusty Schmidt’s resumé is legendary: Nearly 10 million hands, 12,000 hours of playing poker, mind- blowing win rates. $4 million won in cash games, and the world’s highest win rate in both $5/$10 NLH and $10/$20 NLH two years running. Schmidt was a top- ranked golfer and broke two of Tiger Woods’ junior records. At age 23, he suffered a career-ending heart attack. His story has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, ESPN and other national publications.

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Late last week I received some incredible news that has me very excited. The Callaway Pebble Beach Invitational (November 13-18) extended a sponsors invitation to me and I accepted it without hesitation.

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has had two of his books picked by Oprah’s Book Club. He teaches writing now at the Janet York Correctional Facility for Women and this introduction to I’ll Fly Away is a story you won’t likely forget.

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