Dusty Schmidt

What if everything you thought you knew about poker turned out to be wrong? If you’ve been wondering why you aren’t making a profit at poker, it may be because much of the advice in today’s mainstream poker theory is incorrect. The authors take apart the 50 greatest fallacies in poker, many of which represent the pillars of the game, revealing the fallacies that cost you big money. The underlying fault in each misconception is thoroughly explained, and corrected, with numerous real-life poker hands that demonstrate each concept. Schmidt also takes you with him to the poker table as he plays 25 pivotal hands, and then gives you a self-quiz to test your progress in understanding the book’s groundbreaking poker concepts. The authors held each of the 50 pieces of advice to two standards: First, does this advice get in the way of players being profitable; and second, can we prove it? Get ready for a book that will revolutionize your game and, bottom line, make you money!

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Review:Phil Hellmuth is exceptionally well known in the professional poker community for the two things. Firstly, the number of wins he has had in televised tournaments such as the annual World Series of Poker events. Secondly, for his antics at the poker table that have earned him the nickname of ‘The Poker Brat’. Phil has always been free to offer (often insulting) advice to others on how to properly play No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Now some of his ‘advice’ (along with the flawed counsels of other TV Poker commentators, self-styled experts, and bracelet winning champions), is deconstructed and corrected in “Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth” by Dusty Schmidt (with the added assistance of Paul Christopher Hoppe). This 360 page compendium deftly corrects fifty of the worst pieces of poker advice ever to be inflicted upon the novice player. Replete with examples and illustrations, “Don’t Listen To Phil Hellmuth” is informed, informative, thoroughly ‘novice poker player friendly’, and should be considered a mandatory study for anyone seeking to improve their game and eventually play against the likes of Phil Hellmuth and company in a World Series of Poker event or a World Poker Tour Tournaments some day.