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Dew Mason

Dew Mason is a mathematician with a particular interest in probability and statistics and an expert on Let it Ride. This book is a result of computer simulations to determine the best odds and playing strategies and countless hours of play at the tables.

Let it Ride: beyond the Basics

Price: $12.95

Since its introduction in 1993, Let it Ride has spread rapidly and is now the most popular table game behind blackjack and craps. Let it Ride is essentially a five-card stud poker with the fun option that allows players not only to pull back bets if they don’t like their cards, but to win very large jackpots if they get a big hand. Mason shows players the secrets of top percentage play, three- and four-card playing strategies, plus the advanced strategies that show you how to do better than the generally accepted odds. Lots of practical examples make learning easy and fun.