Ingeborg Glasser

This amazing memoir recreates the horrors and the insanity of surviving in Nazi Germany. Thrilling, gut-wrenching, and at times humorous and outrageous, this is a first-rate memoir with brains and heart. In Dance of the Panther, Ingeborg Glasser takes her readers on an emotional journey through her childhood in Germany at a time of tyranny, war, and genocide. The daughter of an alcoholic Jewish father and an intensely fiery mother… Ingeborg and her sister held tight to each other as they were forced to fight the pain of a tumultuous home life and dangerous bigotry as they each pursued their dreams of becoming actresses. But as the Nazi regime tightened its grip and her parents’ marriage fell apart, merely staying alive became their ultimate pursuit.There are no customer reviews for this product. However, you can be the first person to add a review for this product.