D V Cellini Biography

D.V. Celini

Not much is known about D.V. Celini. He keeps his biography private as to not raise suspicion when he enters casinos. He prefers to remain a mystery allowing him to make a living as a successful gambler.

Card Counter’s Gudie to Casino Surveillance

Price: $49.95

ADVANCED STRATEGY Learning the subtleties of playing winning blackjack undetected is an extremely difficult skill. Its hard enough to fool the casino employees you can see dealers, floormen, pit bosses, and casino managers but then theres the eye the behind-the-scenes surveillance department, with its biometric-identifying software along with the surveillance agents themselves. But now, for the first time ever, a long-time surveillance agent with vast experience and knowledge has emerged from the deep and dark recesses and exposed the inner workings to the light of scrutiny.