Thomas Midgley

Hot and cold streaks form the basis of every serious craps player's belief and often their strategy. This is the only book that mathematically shows craps players how take advantage of the cycles and patterns of dice and walk away with profit. Midgley has done all the painstaking work so players know exactly what to expect and exactly how to profit from dice cycle rather than players losing money while getting a feel for the table. As Midgley says, "the unusual is the usual."Using data collected over decades specifically, on 7,500 actual rolls at casinos this definitive and groundbreaking work on dice cycles is a must in every craps player's library. Readers also learn about all the bets, odds, key mistakes made by players and how to stop making them, the actual probabilities and how they are calculated and, using the foundation of his 7,500 dice-roll study, how reality can differ from theory and how the game should best be approached to win money at craps.