Avery Cardoza

The versatile and dangerous court numbers, the third best performing number in a

Best Number Analysis, are the secret weapon of an exclusive group of advanced lottery

players. This advanced strategy—The Orange Papers—avoids played out numbers

and builds tickets around aggressive court plays targeting big jackpots, You learn how

to play courts as minor keys and major keys, and how to run conservative and aggressive

betting schemes. The Orange Papers also includes strategies for playing fourths,

fifths, and for cold courts, the rising star in Overdue Number Analyses!

Bonus: Level III Step-Down Strategy Package! You also receive absolutely free with

the Orange Papers, the Level III Step-Down Playing Strategies. These uniquely designed

strategies start with the courts and step down, that is, eliminate the middling

numbers that weren’t good enough tto get into the top tier, and avoiding the mistakes

made by the average lotttery players.