Thomas Midgley

Using data collected over decades ,specifically, on 7,500 actual rolls at casinos this book is a must to help crapshooters test their systems painfully and risk-free, away from the tables. This book answers the question, Is there a system or combination of systems I could use to beat the casino at craps? with a resounding yes. Players learn the best way to test their bets and systems for numbers, hardways, line bets, streaks, and the actual random occurrences that happen during real dice games. The book shows the total roll, the number on each of the dice, the total progression for each pass line decision, the number of craps thrown, and the length of sequences for each winning and losing roll. Organized in columns and with an easy-to-use chart for systems players to mark their notes, Midgleys work is an absolute must for serious craps players.