Professor Jones

ADVANCED STRATEGY SPECIAL 5-BALL STRATEGY PACKAGE This special package gives you the master strategy five ball wheels that allow you to play your best numbers and go for the big wins that other players dream about! Popular and powerful, these wheels get you ready for the action. 30 WHEELS INCLUDED A wide variety of wheels covers all situations, from 5 game plays with a variety of best numbers, to 24 game wheels, and others covering more than 20 of best number picks. You’ll find wheels such as 7 numbers-12 plays (7/12), 11/3, 19/18, 6/6 and 25 more great wheeling combinations. OTHER FEATURES You also receive 20 5-Ball Lotto Sum Templates, a clear Template for ease-of-use in wheeling best numbers, a 5-Ball Lotto Sum chart to provide a number range, and a guide to number-choosing strategies to help you win. BONUS – Wheeling instructions included!