Brian D. Kayser

ADVANCED STRATEGY 232 REAL SHOES – EVERY SINGLE WIN! – Americas foremost authority on baccarat, Dr. Brian Kayser, presents the actual listings of 232 real baccarat shoes as actually played in casinos. Every single Bank and Player win is shown for each entire shoe in the exact order of winning for all 232 shoes. THE REAL DEAL – Before you put your hard-earned money down in baccarat, you owe it to yourself to see what actually can happen in real shoes. Any betting system can be shown to work if you pick out the shoes where they win. What about the ones where they cost you your shirt? To effectively win with betting systems, you have to know the best and worse cases. EVERY SINGLETON, CHOPS, AND RUN – You'll see how frequently singletons, chops, and runs of three, four, and five or more Bank or Player wins occurred, including runs of greater than 10 in a row! For serious players who want to test their strategies against real situations that have occurred, this original research document is a must buy. (Note that just Bank and Player wins are listed no tie results are shown). FREE $10 BONUS!!! – 100 Extra Shoes! – You also receive the complete listings of 100 computer-generated shoes with all results. DOUBLE BONUS!!!  All results are mathematically listed and analyzed so that you know how many singletons, chops and all runs of Player and Bank occurred for both the 232 Baccarat shoes and the 100 shoes bonus!