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Professor Jones Biography

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Professor Jones

Professor Jones is aknowleged as one of the leading designers of computer winning software for greyhound, standardbred, thoroughbred, lotto/lottery and sports b etting in the world. Hie very powerful software products are considered to be on the cutting edge of technology by handicappers worldwide. The Prof. Jones' software line features more than 30 products on beating the odds.

With degrees in Psychology and Statistics, Prof. Jones has always been fascinated with the bias and randomness in numbers. He began his handicapping career in 1968, refining his betting skills at the Santa Anita and Hollywood Park race tracks, and in 1983, transformed this knowledge into the first thoroughbred computer software that actually produced consistent winners.

When lotteries and lottos became a national obsession, Prof. Jones applied his experience and knowledge of statistics to create the Gold and Platinum series Lotto/Lottery software programs for the everyday player. These successful and practical strategies are considered by many to be the most powerful winning systems ever designed for these games.



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Winning Lotto / Lottery for Everyday Player

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The worlds foremost lotto and lottery expert shows players his inside secrets of beating the game that millions play religiously every day. Prof. Jones shows you how to scientifically track and wheel numbers to substantially increase your chances of winning million-dollar jackpots. You'll learn how to use three- and four-ball lottery strategies, advanced six-ball wheeling systems, how to create the same wheels used by experts, and how to identify high/low frequency and hot numbers. Includes winning strategies for every state, plus twenty Dimitrov Wheels

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