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Horseracing, America’s largest spectator sport, and its cousin, dog racing, have captivated race-goers for centuries. The thrill of watching the best animals in the world competing against one another, and the even bigger thrill of betting on their outcome, have made these sports popular pastimes from coast to coast. For many, the pleasures of a day at the track are almost as fun as the haul of a winning ticket. 

Today, with off-track betting, simulcasts, and the Internet, there are so many opportunities to get your bets down, it is more vital than ever to be prepared to make the best wagers possible. Knowledge is power and winning is more fun than losing. In this section, we have a small selection of books and advanced strategies to increase your chances of winning. See you at the track…

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150 Professional Horseracing System
Was: $12.95
Now: $8.42
How to Win at Horseracing
Was: $14.95
Now: $9.72
Was: $12.95
Now: $8.42
The Basics of Winning Horseracing
Was: $4.95
Now: $3.22
The Horseracing Formula
Was: $12.95
Now: $8.42
Winners Guide to Greyhound
Was: $12.95
Now: $8.42
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